Pyre should run smoothly on most systems that meet or exceed the minimum system requirements. If you are experiencing an unusually low frame rate with the game, please try the following steps:

1) Disable the GeForce Experience Overlay, if enabled. Doing this has alleviated frame rate issues for some players.

2) Try launching the game with fullscreen mode disabled (though, the game should still fill your display seamlessly). To do this, use the following Launch Options:

/FullScreen=false /NoBorder=true /X=1920 /Y=1080

You may replace X and Y with your native or preferred resolution.

To set Launch Options, right-click on Pyre in your game library, select Properties, then click on "Set Launch Options..."

3) Try adding the following to your Launch Options:

/NoFixedStep=true /SwapInterval=0

Please try these together as well as on their own. These should unlock the game's frame rate if there is a VSync compatibility issue with with your graphics card or monitor.

4) If you have multiple graphics cards, such an integrated card in addition to a stand-alone card, try disabling one and forcing your PC to use the other.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us at