1. Ensure you have the latest graphics drivers.

2. Try toggling the Fullscreen and/or VSync settings in-game

3. Windows and Proton Users: Try the Vulkan and 32-bit executables.

  • On Steam: These are presented immediately on startup.
  • On Epic Games Store: Navigate to the install directory, such as:
    \Program Files\Epic Games\Hades
    Then, open the x64, x64vk, and x86 folder. Finally, run Hades.exe as Administrator by right-clicking on it and selecting "Run as Administrator..."

4. If you have Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync, please disable them and turn on AMD Anti-Lag if available.

5. Add the following launch option:

On Steam:

  • Right-click on Hades in your Steam Library
  • Select 'Properties...'
  • Press the button that says 'Set Launch Options...'
  • Enter the following: /UseSwapEffectDiscard=true

On Epic Games Store:

  • Select 'Settings'
  • Scroll down to Hades under 'Manage Games' and select it
  • Select 'Additional Command Line Arguments'
  • Enter the following: /UseSwapEffectDiscard=true

6. Close all other running programs

7. If available, in your graphics device control panel, set “Maximum Performance Priority” and/or “Fast VSync”

8. Ensure Windows 7 compatibility mode is NOT turned on for Hades.exe

9. Disable any overlays, e.g. Steam, Epic, GeForce, etc.

10. Physically disconnect all secondary display devices

11. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, follow this guide (https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/how-to/pc-components/how-set-default-graphics-card-3612668/)  to ensure the game is using that card, and not your onboard Intel card.

Note: If you cannot find an option to select your GPU, you may have to manage it in your system BIOS. Disable Intel HD and make sure you set PCIe as the default for graphics in the BIOS, don't leave it at Auto.

12. After that, make sure that your Windows power settings are set for High Performance while running Hades. Ensure that the monitor running the game is connected to your Nvidia graphics video card on the back of your computer.

13. Mac Users: There is a known issue with some older Intel graphics card models causing the screen to freeze occasionally.  Lowering the game’s resolution and closing all other running applications should help reduce the frequency and severity of the freeze.  Additionally, you can add the following launch options (instructions above) which should also help:

  • /DrawBlendMax=8 /DrawLights=false