First: Make sure you've whitelisted Hades with your antivirus software, and allowed controlled folder access to your Documents folder through Windows Defender. More details are in the "Game won't save" article:


Corrupted Saves

If your computer shut down mid-run, or something else occurred to cause your save file to become corrupted, you can follow the steps below to attempt to restore it.

  1. Navigate to C:\\Users\<User>\Documents\Saved Games\Hades
  2. There should be a Profile.sav, Profile_temp.sav, Profile.sav.bak, and Profile_temp.sav.bak file for each active save slot in the game (1, 2, 3, 4). Profile1 is used here as an example.
  3. Move Profile1.sav to a different location.
  4. Rename Profile1_temp.sav to Profile1.sav. Try launching the game.
  5. If that doesn't work, move Profile1_temp.sav (now Profile1.sav) to a different location. Rename Profile1.sav.bak to Profile1.sav, and Profile1_temp.sav.bak to Profile1_temp.sav. Try launching the game again and see if your save data is back.

Follow these steps for whichever save slot or "profile" was affected, e.g. Profile2, Profile3, etc.


Missing Saves

Your save files are stored locally on your PC, at C:\\Users\<User>\Documents\Saved Games\Hades.

Because of this, wiping your drive or reinstalling Windows without backing up your folder will delete your saves! Make sure to make a backup before making major changes on your PC.

If you believe the files were deleted, they may be found in a Windows Restore or Backup if you've made one recently.

If you recently changed Windows users, they may be in a different User's Documents folder. In that case you'd need a Windows Admin account to copy them over from user to user.


Transferring Saves

Cloud Saves and Sync: The Epic Store does NOT currently support Cloud Saves for Hades. Although Steam does support Cloud Saves, some users have reported issues in which their local saves get overwritten with older Steam Cloud saves.

When in doubt, use the local version of your saves rather than the cloud version - the local saves will always be the most up-to-date! If you want to use the Steam Cloud to transfer saves from one machine to another, be sure to manually sync your latest saves and ensure the sync is successful before switching machines.

Transferring Saves Manually: You can transfer saves between two computers manually by copying the contents of C:\\Users\<User>\Documents\Saved Games\Hades to the same location on a different computer.

Epic vs Steam Saves: The save files generated by Epic and Steam versions of the game are the same, and will be saved to the same location - there's no need to do anything special to transfer your save files if you buy the game on a new platform!