Restoring Progress

If your computer shut down mid-run, your save file was corrupted or softlocked, or you lost progress due to a crash, you may be able to restore it by doing the following:

  1. On Windows, navigate to \Documents\Saved Games\Hades
    On macOS, use Finder’s Go > Go To Folder menu and navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/Supergiant Games/Hades
  2. Sort by 'Date modified' to locate your most recent save matching one of these names (assuming you use Save Slot 1): Profile1_Temp.sav, Profile1_Temp.sav.bak, or Profile1.sav.bak
  3. Rename that file to Profile1.sav
  4. Then open the Play menu in-game and look for the save.

Follow these steps for whichever save slot or "profile" was affected, e.g. Profile2, Profile3, etc.


Local Saves

Your save files are stored locally on your PC, at C:\\Users\<User>\Documents\Saved Games\Hades or ~/Library/Application Support/Supergiant Games/Hades.

Because of this, wiping your drive or reinstalling your operating system without backing up your folder will delete your saves! Make sure to make a backup before making major changes on your PC.


Transferring Saves

Cloud Saves and Sync: Both the Epic Store and Steam support cloud saving for Hades as of the 1.0 release. Epic did not support cloud saving before 1.0, so pre-1.0 save files will not have been automatically saved in the cloud.

When in doubt, use the local version of your saves rather than the cloud version - the local saves will always be the most up-to-date! If you want to use the Steam Cloud to transfer saves from one machine to another, be sure to manually sync your latest saves and ensure the sync is successful before switching machines.

Unlike Steam sync, Epic Online Services are disabled and enabled in-game from the Settings menu. You should be prompted to enable them the first time you boot up the game. If you choose not to enable them at first, enabling them later will require you to toggle them on in the menu, and then quit and restart the game to successfully link.

Transferring Saves Manually: You can transfer saves between two computers manually by copying the contents of C:\\Users\<User>\Documents\Saved Games\Hades or ~/Library/Application Support/Supergiant Games/Hades to the same location on a different computer.

Cross-platform Saves: The save files generated by Epic and Steam versions of the game, and by the Mac and PC versions of the game, are the same file format and can be loaded seamlessly as long as they're placed in the correct directory. Switch cross-save compatibility is not currently supported, but is in the works for later this year.